Plush Photography Capturing life and everyday memories. Specializing in maternity Family and Newborn photography. Located in Huntington Beach California.
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Meet Christina

WIFE | Mother| Photographer| Creater | Dreamer | Nurse

Where to begin…

Capturing life and everyday memories…

Newborn, family and portrait photographer based in Huntington Beach, California. I suppose this is how most people start this section. Up until now, I left this section blank. I never knew, nor do I know, what people really want to read here. Not to mention, I also find it strange to basically talk about myself. Therefore, this section will be a work in progress and I will simply share random thoughts and ideas for the time being until I can adequately and concisely articulate who I am in a paragraph or two.

I love photography. More so, I love the photography of people.

Images are made so much more interesting to me when someone is in them.

I love babies and children…Inspired by my own children and being a mother.

I love to create and tinker. Anyone that knows me, knows I am constantly building or making something. Many of the props used is studio are created in studio.

I am introverted.

I live in organized chaos.